Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy


Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are both rehabilitative services whose aim is to restore clients function. Both physiotherapists and occupational therapists work as a team to offer high quality and evidence-based contemporary services. Our ultimate goal is to help clients lead independent and productive lives.

Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic use of activities, assistive devices, splinting and cognitive retraining. It comprises of individualized assessment, a personalized treatment plan and an ongoing assessment.


Treatment by use of physical means. That entails the therapeutic use of movement techniques upon physiological principles supplemented with electrotherapy to assist in rehabilitation and restoration of function so as to maximize personal independence.

We (Physiotherapists and occupational therapists) use team approach to meet the needs of individual with neurological and musculoskeletal /orthopedic dysfunctions, congenital conditions, development delay and work-related injuries. The conditions include:

Stroke, Brain injuries, Osteoarthiritis/rheumatoid arthritis, Low back pain/lumbago, Cerebral palsy,Down’s syndrome,Delayed developmental milestones, Tendon injuries, Burns, Post-traumatic complications,joint stiffness,pain, Congenital deformities:club foot, Spina bifida and rickets among others

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