Antenatal & Postnatal Clinic

pregnancyPlanning and starting a new family is a fantastic experience for any couple but, like anything new, can also be quite daunting. All our doctors have experience in and are very happy to offer prenatal, antenatal and post natal care.

Prenatal care includes general health advice for mums and dads-to-be as well as some simple do's and don'ts to try and ensure a healthy pregnancy. For those couples who are finding it difficult to get pregnant we offer early fertility advice and then, if required, can refer on to one of the excellent local fertility specialists.

Antenatal care ensures that mum and baby are regularly monitored throughout the pregnancy making sure the pregnancy progresses smoothly and that specialist intervention is sought early if required. Antenatal care usually involves a 'shared care' approach between your GP and the local hospital or private obstetrician. Some couples may elect for all their care to be with a private obstetrician. All the doctors are happy to discuss the various options with you and be involved with your antenatal care from the first positive pregnancy test to your admission to hospital for delivery.

Once your baby is born we are available to offer help, support, advice and medical input for mum, dad and baby. We encourage regular post natal visits. We are aware that new parents sometimes don't ask questions because they feel they are trivial or that they ought to know the answer. There is no such thing as a trivial question - don't sit at home and worry. Come and have a chat with one of our doctors. They are all parents too.


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